Hi guys, sorry for the absence from the blog, I promise you I’ll be back soon! This is a little trip in Venice that I made with Felix some days ago. I hope you like the video and don’t forget to subscribe!

Love, Irene <3


Bags: Zara, H&M  Wallet: Stradivarius  Beautycase: Roccobarocco  T-shirt: Terranova  Dress: New Yorker

Hi guys! Yesteday was my birthday, so I wanted to show you what I got from my friends and my boyfriend! I’m in love with every single thing! Soon I’ll make a try on YouTube video. See you soon <3

Love, Irene <3


Hello guys! I’m back with another post, but today it’s a little bit different because I what to show you what I use for the blog’s photos. I bought all these things online because to save A LOT of money, don’t buy in the stores.

First of all, my Canon EOS 1300D, I use it only to take photos and it works really well. I don’t use for videos ‘cause it’s a little bit to big so it’s uncomfortable. I bought it on Eglobal Central.

The second one is my Canon G7x Mark II, I boutgh it last week and I’m going to use it for my new YouTube channel, because it makes AMAZING videos; it also have the time lapse in it so I loveeeee it! But the thing I love the most of this camera is that you can raise the screen and watch yourself while you’re making a video. I bought it On Eglobal Central.

The last one it’s my tripod, nothing special, I use it for photos and videos. I bought it on Ebay.

Love, Irene <3


Dress: Stradivarius   Shorts: Stradivarius   Skirt: Pimkie

Hi guys, how are you? Yesterday I did nothing, so today I just show you the last things I bought. It’s finally summer, so I needed to buy some more fresh clothes and I think that these are really cool and comfy. Next week I will finally get the camera I ordered, so I’ll begin to do more Youtube’s video about fashion, food and even some travel vlogs. See you soon!

Love, Irene <3


Jacket: Bershka   T-shirt: H&M   Jeans: H&M   Shoes: Pimkie   Backpack: Zara

Hey guys, here I am again! Today I’m not feeling very good phisically and mentally, I hope to feel better soon. Friday I’ll do a very exciting thing that I will show on Saturday. I don’t know if I’m gonna make a vlog or just take photos, anyway you’ll know soon! See you on Saturday!

Love, Irene <3