Good morning guys! Today I have something a little bit different for you, an healthy breakfast idea! We all know how important it is to have a good breakfast, so the better way to star your day is to eat something that gives you energy. To make this delicious meal, you need some greek yogurt, some strawberry yogurt, some strawberries and some oats. The procedure is very simple, I put greek yogurt, strawberry yogurt and strawberries in the blender and mixed all up, then I put it in the bowl and added some oats and some strawberries to make it more consistent. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you want me to do more of this.

Love, Irene <3


Jeans: Stadivarius   Top: H&M   T-shirt: Wish   Shoes: Stradivarius 

Hello guys! Today it’s a beautiful sunny day, so me and my babe went for a walk at Miramare’s Castle ( I really recomend it if you’re here in Triest). On Monday I told you I had a surprise for Felix (my boyfriend), and went to a basketball match, he was so happy! In the afternoon I think we’ll go to have a drink or something in a cute Spanish restaurant. See you tomorrow with another post!

Love, Irene <3


T-shirt: 3ND    Jeans: H&M   Shoes: Pittarello 

Hello guys! Saturday night I told you that I would be back soon, so here I am! Yesterday was a special day in my family, so we went out for lunch, but before I took some photos with my boyfriend. As you can see I need to tanning a bit haha. Tonight I have a special surprise for my boyfriend, so I hope he don’t read this, lol, anyway you’ll know what the surprise is very soon! Have a nice day <3

Love, Irene <3



Swimsuit: Wish

T-shirts: OVS, H&M, Dani

Shoes: Stradivarius

Hello guys, how are you? I’m sorry for posting so late today, but this morning I forgot my sd card for my camera haha. This is a mini haul about the things that I bought in the last month. I hope you like it, and have a fun Saturday night! See you very soon <3

Love, Irene <3


Jaket: Zara     T-shirt: New Yorker     Bra: Cute

Hello guys! Here I am with another post! Here in Triest spring is finally arrived, so what’s better than a yellow jacket? In these days I was thinking about posting something about food every Sunday, maybe something like “healthy breakfast” or stuff like that. Let me know what you think about it. See you soon <3

Love, Irene <3


Hello guys, welcome back on my blog! I’m sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but in these days I was too busy. Anyway, this morning I did some shopping at Stradivarius and I’m so happy with what I took. You can find everything at Stradivarius or on their site online: 

I hope you like it, see you soon!

Love, Irene <3





Good morning babes! I’m back again with a new purchase, my new Valentino bag! I bought it yesterday here in Triest, but you can also find it on Zalando and in different colours, I got it in red because I think it’s better for this season. In these days I think I’ll do some outfit shootings to post next Saturday. Now I have to go, have a nice day!

Love, Irene <3


Jacket: Take Two  T-shirt: Pimkie  Bag: Zara  Shoes: H&M

Hello babes! How are you? Today I am super happy, the day is going on really good. This morning I went to take some photo around the city with my mum and then we took two really good smoothies at Mug, a very cool place here in Trieste, I highly recommend it. In a few hours I’ll meet with my boyfriend <3, so now I have to go.

Have a good day, see you soon.

Irene <3



Hello everyone!

I finally opened my personal blog and not on a free platform; it was not easy to understand the different processes, but for now I’m happy with the result, although I hope to improve even some small details.

I will publish a new article every week, I have not decided the exact day of the week, but I was thinking about Friday. The articles will talk about different thing: fashion, food, travel and much more.

That’s all, I hope to keep you a little ‘company 🙂

Love, Irene <3

Ciao a tutti!

Ho finalmente aperto un mio blog personale e non su una piattaforma gratuita; non è stato semplice capire i vari procedimenti, ma per ora sono contenta del risultato, anche se spero di riuscire a migliorare ancora qualche piccolo dettaglio.

Pubblicherò un nuovo articolo ogni settimana, non ho ancora deciso il giorno preciso, ma stavo pensando al venerdì. Gli articoli tratteranno diversi campi, dalla moda, al cibo, ai viaggi e molto altro.

Detto questo, spero di tenervi un po’ di compagnia 🙂

Love, Irene <3